Memphis Vocational High School : 1915-1916

Below:  Is this the first Tech Yearbook?  It was published by the school to cover the 1915-16 school years.  While it's not the traditional Yearbook which features the graduating seniors, the school refers to it on the inside cover as "Memphis Vocational School YEARBOOK".  It's an interesting booklet which discusses why the school was organized in 1911, describes every program at the school, as well as the enrollment and number of graduates from 1911-1916. 

 While the Smith-Hughes government program didn't become associated with the school until 1918, the school already had a well-equipped print shop from its beginning in 1911.


Vocational High School appears on "penny postcards" of the time.   

Memphis Vocational School YEARBOOK 1915-1916
Thanks to Rob Jolly, Tech 1970, for scanning the 1915-16 booklet


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1915 February

Sidney Klemick, Harry Ritter, Sam Warhaftig, Lenora Barroso, Mary Cone, Mary Cribbs, Sara Fischer, Margaret Haley, Annie Moran, Mabelle Sauerwein, Marie Springer


1916 February
Herbert Weir, Sam B. Padaiver, Joseph H. Schwartzberg, Joseph Minor, Dave J. Cohen, Walter H. Kelly, Marie Werner, Bernie F. Alford, Louise Decker, James B. McClean, Margaret Brown, Ethel Sutton, Mary Deaderick
1916 June


Boys:  Pete Armour, John J. Brannon, Edgar Tully Quick, Joseph Cahoon Virgeson, Jr.

Girls:  Lena Auferoth, Sarah Blanche Bellinger, Lois Agnes Carter, Sadie D. Colton, Clyde Curry, Velma Lola Dodson, Mauces Krakenbuhl, Emma Lucille Neel, Marie Matilda Resteck, Geraldine Scott.

Below are interesting newspaper articles about 1916-17. 
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Below:  This 1915 article describes the Winter graduation.
Below:  This 1915 article describes the Winter graduation.

Below:  This 1916 article describes the Winder  graduation
Below:  This 1916 article describes the Summer graduation