Crockett Vocational High: 1918


In 1918 the Memphis Vocational High name was changed to Crocket Vocational High.  It was named in honor of the long time principal of Memphis High School - Mrs. E. J. Crockett.  Now, under principal J. W. Curtis, the school had grown from an enrollment of 188 students when it opened in 1911 to the current 1155 students. 

In the fall of 1918, J. L. Highsaw, who had been a classroom teacher, becomes principal of the school. 
In the next few years he will be instrumental in getting the name changed to "Technical" instead of "Vocational" and will begin the push for a new school which will be "the most up-to-date technical school in the south".  He had to wait until 1927 because the school district, although interested, couldn't  provide the funds. 

Would you believe that the school colors at this time were Red and Gold?  The R.O.T.C. was organized in 1918 and Crockett Vocational becomes the first school in Memphis to organize the military unit of 88 boys.  The uniforms were made up by the boys themselves.  They chose white trousers, blue coats with brass buttons and blue caps.  They used wooden rifles made in the shop classes. 

Generally, During each year there will be two graduating classes - in February or March and in June.

1918 March Graduates:


Jacob R. Fucks, William E. Land, Millard E. Lemons, Hugh Rogers McVeigh, Helen M. Bailey, Elizabeth Adelia Briggs, Louise Helena Croce, Ethel Elmer Landrum, Eva Amelia, E. Linn, Suclark Hanes, Mattie Odele Phipps, Violet Louise Plowe, Eva K. Schmitt, Marlea Trotter, Anita Irene Tachumi

1918 June Graduates:


Girls:  Demaris Porter Allen, Nannie Lee Aeschliman, Lois Margaret Blanz, Hedwig Louise Brewer, Mary Agnes Burke, Suzanne Katherine Fuchs, Rena Goldberg, Lily Goldman, Laura Wheaton Johnson, Estelle Kabakoff, Ruth Avis Linsey, Marjorie Elizabeth Luke, Helen Gertrude Millard, Evelyn Elizabeth Morehouse, Mary Lee Nethercott, Rosa Nell Perry, Emma Hazel Reynolds, Clara Simon, Florence Sizeler, Sarah May Tarr, Dorothy Ruth Turner, Margaret Turner, Annie Louise Wadley, Elizabeth Ellen Wagner, Kathryn Caldwell Whitehurst.

Boys:  Ehle Allen Bowden, Johnie Colton, Knowlton W. Elder, John Guidi, Otis Horsley, Samuel Klaus, William Landelina, Earl Landrum, John Edward Lee, Thomas Carter Leflar, Thad McGurdy, Charles Frederick Schmitt, Maurice Ben Silverson, William Temple Soyare, Thomas Stevens, Robert Tillman, Thomas Watkins, John Zent



The newspaper articles below are very interesting.  Click on the fragment to enlarge the complete article.


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Below:  An 1918 article about mid-year commencement and forty four graduates. 

Below:  An 1918 article about commencement and forty three graduates.  There are several commencements per year.