Crockett Vocational High: 1919


Principal J. L. Highsaw continues his campaign for a new and larger "Technical High School".  The school district wants this also, but simply can't provide the funds.  In 1919, the school's Company of Cadets becomes Company K of the Memphis R.O.T.C.  For the next six straight years it will win the annual competitive drill in the city.

The government-sponsored Smith-Hughes program continues to provide funds for up to date equipment, which makes Crockett Vocational High , one of the best equipped vocational schools in the country.   Indeed, the print shop is equal to none and begins printing the official documents for the school board

and for other schools.  Because of their print shop, it's been obvious to some of us that Crockett Vocational must have printed a yearbook for their own school.  But nothing surfaced until now (February 2011).  We thank Memphis attorney and historian, George Whitworth, for allowing us to reproduce his 1919 "The Craftsman".   Now, we are more convinced than ever, that there must also be a 1918 and a 1920 "The Craftsman" around.


Crockett Vocational High The Craftsman - 1919

Thanks to George Whitworth for allowing us to reproduce his copy of the 1919 "Craftsman"

Thanks to Maureen Thoni White, for scanning the 1919 "Craftsman"

Cover:  Seniors Page 1:  Seniors Page 2:  Seniors Page 3:  Seniors

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Page 4:  Valedictory Address Page 5:  Salutatory Address Page 6: Welcome Address Page 7 - Advertising

The Craftsman .  Vol 1 . No 10 . Senior Edition  .  February 14, 1919

Mid-Winter Class of 1919:  Harriette Alleen Baker, Sofia Carlson, Joseph Kaplan, Sadie Mincer, Helen Miller, James Lucian. Pentz, Iris Perry, Milwee Overton Pledger, Charles V. Scott, and Thomas J. Spalding


Did you know that the school colors at this time were Red and Gold?



The newspaper articles below are very interesting.  Click on the fragment to enlarge the complete article.


Below:  A 1919 article about a large graduating class

Below:  A 1919 article about  a new industrial course.

Below:  An 1919 article about Crockett Vocational school exhibits at the Fair.
Below:  This 1919 article is about "...a memorable half year - under J. L. Highsaw"


Below:  This 1919 article is about commencement but a major portion discusses the school and new courses - especially PRINTING and the new printing equipment.