Your complete Tech Yearbook on this website?


Webmaster will add your complete Tech Yearbook to your class pages if you can do the following:


1.  You or someone with knowledge of how to use a scanner will scan your yearbook page by page.

2.  Scan one page (as a test scan) as large as possible and SAVE AS a JPEG
* file.  DO NOT EDIT IT.  

*Note:  It must be a JPEG file.  I can not use Adobe PDF files or BMP files or Word Doc files.

3.  Send the test scan by email attachment to < >.  Be available for my reply email.

4.  If the test scan is not good, you may be given suggestions on how to improve it so you can try again.
5.  If the test scan is good, you can then begin scanning the yearbook - page by page.

6.  Scan the COVER and each page of the yearbook - including the advertising..
7.  Title each scan so that it corresponds to the exact page number of the yearbook.
      Your scan titles should be:   cover ...  insidecover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... etc.

8.  Send the scans to me as email attachments - roughly 4 per email <>
9.  OR burn the files to a CD or DVD and mail:  Gene Gill, 3895 Valley Lights Drive, Pasadena CA 91107


- Gene Gill, Webmaster Tech Alumni website


The small photo on the right is a SAMPLE of a yearbook page to show you an acceptable scan.  Click on it to open it full size.  When it enlarges you can right click on the photo, choose...SAVE AS.  Make sure you know where it's being saved and the Save As Type is JPEG (jpg).  Click SAVE.


Sample Scan        

When the full size sample scan opens, you'll notice that the dimensions are 1716 x 2464 and that the file size is 2:00 MB.  Your scans should be approximately as large or larger than that.