The old "Tech Castle" is demolished.

- Memphis Press Scimiter:  November 26,1965


When Crockett Technical High School moved out of this building in 1927, it became the home of the Board of Education.  But although the building was originally called the Memphis High School building, it had now become so closely associated with Tech that until it was demolished in 1965, it was known as "the Old Tech building".


Webmaster's Note: 

Newspaperman and Techite Null Adams organized the Memphis Quill and Scroll that so many Techites belonged to.  Others in his extended family also attended Tech:  Carolyn Tucker (Tech '50) and Nancy Tucker (Tech '50), and nephew Bill Tucker (Tech '57).

One fact in his story is not quite correct - the first sentence, "It was Memphis' first high school".  Actually Memphis' first high school was Memphis High School and it was originally located in the old Market Street School Building at 3rd and Market.  The Board of Education built "this castle" on Poplar exclusively for Memphis High School in 1898 and that school remained in this building until June of 1911.  In September of 1911, the new Memphis Vocational School, which evolved into Tech, opened in this same building.