Do you remember these?

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Candy Cigarettes? Plastic Soldiers?

Studebakers? Wax Coke Bottles?

Blackjack, Clove Teaberry Gum? Cork Pop Guns?


Chief Pontiac Signs? Home Milk Delivery?
Glass Bottles - Cardboard Stoppers?


P. F. Fliers? Phone numbers with Prefixes (RAYMOND 4-601)?
Party Lines?  Phones without Dials? 


Howdy Doody? Coffee Shops with tableside Juke Boxes?



45 RPM Records? 45 RPM Spindles?



Coke Machines dispensed GLASS bottles? Beany and Cecil?



Aluminum Ice Trays with Levers? Skate Keys?



Drive In Movies? Green Stamps?



Marlin Perkins? Topo Gigio?



Drive in Restaurants? Car Hops at Drive in Restaurants?



Wringers on Washing Machines? Brylcreem?



Cigarettes for Christmas? Sky King?



Tinker Toys? Erector Sets?



Lincoln Logs? Reel to Reel Tape Recorders?



5 Cent Packs of Baseball Cards? 5 Cent Cokes?



Penny Candy? 25 Cent Gallon of Gas?



Jiffy Pop PopCorn? 5 Cent Postage?



Chatty Cathy, the first talking Doll? 15 Cent McDonald's Hamburgers?



Speedy Alka-Seltzer? Gum Wrapper Chains?



Falstaff Beer? Burma Shave Signs?



The Brownie Box Camera? Fuller Brush Man - Door to Door?



TV Test Patterns? Fire Escape Tubes (On right)?



Chef Boy-Ar-Dee? Flashbulbs for Cameras?



Timmy and Lassie? Ding Dong!  Avon Calling - Door to Door?



The ORIGINAL Hula Hoop? Aluminum Christmas  Trees?



"Taking Drugs" meant Orange
Flavored Chewable Aspirin.?
Car keys were in the ignition and "
the car doors were never locked?



Mom wore nylons that came in 2 pieces? Catching fireflies could be
an entire happy evening?



Detergents had free glasses
or towels inside the box?
"War" was a Card Game?



Girl's UGLY Gym Uniforms? Windshields cleaned, oil checked, and
gas pumped - all free without asking?
 And you didn't pay for air?



You'd reach into a gutter for a penny?
A quarter was a decent allowance?
No Safety Caps?



A weapon at school was a sling-shot? Water Balloons were the "ultimate weapon"?



It took TV's 5 minutes to warm up? Most moms were at home when
the kids got home from school?



WW2 Ration Books? (Everything was Rationed) WW2 Ration Stamps?  (For  Meat...Butter...etc)



The 3 Cent Stamp?  (1st Class - up to 1957) The 1 cent Postal Card?



Fountain Pens you had to fill with ink? The ORIGINAL Wax Lips?



White Bucks? Butch Wax?



Black and White Saddle Oxfords? Fender Skirts?



Cards in Bike Spokes? The Crystal Radio?



Pedal Pushers? Classic Comics?



Fly Paper? Your Hit Parade?


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