Class of 1950 meets for 60th Reunion
Technical High School grads stay connected

. By Nancy Tucker Douglass, Special to My Life


The Memphis Technical High School 1950 graduating class celebrated its 60th reunion April 30 at St. George's Episcopal Church and May 1 at Fogelman Executive Conference Center at the University of Memphis.

Tornado sirens and torrential rain could not prevent these enthusiastic seniors from attending their special celebration. These two evening events, plus women's and men's luncheons were held to reminisce and honor the memorable times they shared.

The group enjoyed an impromptu program, which centered around their lives and remembrances. Many recalled teachers and other students who enriched their lives while in school. The 110 friends who are no longer here were memorialized and revered. Everyone enjoyed the many interesting and entertaining stories relating to experiences in the professional and business world.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged along with many joyful, happy tears as old friends greeted one another. The events were especially exciting to participants who traveled great distances to be present for the occasion. Many states were represented, including: California, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Florida, Mississippi and middle and eastern Tennessee.

Among those attending the 60th reunion of the Memphis Technical High School 1950 graduating class were Shelley Williams Dycus (front row, left), Melba Cowell Moxley, Margaret Gilbert Jones Fletcher, Nancy Tucker Douglass; Walter Mackey Pepper (back row, left), Jerry D. Stewart, Robert G. Drewry, and Donald G. Hild.

This ambitious group has located and accounted for each of its 264 graduates. When the group learned of the illness or death of a classmate, word is spread quickly through the group's website (  Much credit goes to Don Hild of Germantown who telephones each classmate twice a year to check on current changes and Jerry Stewart, also of Germantown, who passes along any new information pertaining to classmates.

Other Tech classes can also be reviewed through the "Links" connection on this website, along with interesting pictures and historic landmarks in Memphis. Gene Gill, a Tech graduate of 1951, is responsible for many of the websites listed on the links page. His Tech High Alumni website ( contains many old Tech records including "The Tech Ledger," where every student who registered at the school in the years from 1929 to 1952 is listed with their parents' names, addresses and telephone numbers. Most Tech yearbooks that date back as far as 1922 have been scanned and are available for review. Many notable Memphians can be found on these pages.

The 1950 class has hosted 11 reunions over these 60 years. However, this last one seems to be the most special. While plans for future get-togethers are indefinite, no one would be the least surprised if some of the Committee members were already making plans for the 65th.

Former classmates Margaret Gilbert Jones Fletcher (front row, left), Melba Cowell Moxley, Gene Weldon Floyd, Roy N. Johnson; Jerry D. Stewart (back , left), Shelley Williams Dycus, and Donald G. Hild.


Nancy Tucker Douglass is a Tech High 1950 graduate and a reunion committee member.

Published in the Commercial Appeal June 4, 2010