The Tech Lions


  Thanks to Sue Lee Johnson, Tech 1951, for all the recent  photos.  Click on small photos to see large photo. 

The Van Vleet mansion on Poplar was razed when the new Tech High School was built.  Certain elements from the old mansion were added to the new school:  the 4 columns and the portico of Tech's main entrance, a great stone bench from the mansion's green house, two huge classic urns at the top of the front entrance steps,  and two stone lions at the east gate.

Today, the 4 columns and the portico remain at the Tech building, as well as the huge urns at the entrance, and the ruins of the stone bench.  The two stone lions were removed and added to the entrance of the Memphis Zoo where they remained for years.  When the zoo was remodeled, the lions were moved inside the grounds - where they remain today.

Did you ever wonder why Tech's mascot was the Yellowjacket instead of the Lion?


The Van Vleet Mansion on Poplar


The  Urns today at the Tech building              

The columns and portico of Tech today.


The stone bench today at the Tech building