Thousands of posters were produced during World War II.  These very effective posters helped rally public support and national pride by recalling the uniqueness of the country's great tradition of freedom and democracy.  The posters always presented America as a country worth fighting for.

A large part of the war effort demanded sacrifice in terms of daily activities like saving tin cans, recycling paper, growing your own vegetables, and saving gasoline.  The government imposed rationing of many items we take for granted.  All Americans were asked to share in the burden of shortages equally.  Not to share in sacrifices for victory was an unpatriotic act.  And no one wanted to be thought of as un-patriotic.

Those who were around at this time will remember that this country became the most patriotic it's ever been.  Only for a short period after 9/11 did we experience anything remotely close to this "feeling of oneness" that existed during the 40's and 50's.























...and the two most famous of all WWII posters:
Rosy the Riveter Uncle Sam wants YOU

Thanks to William McCluskey, Tech 1940 for locating most of the posters

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