Tech teacher Betty Rich Hendon (1960-68) recently entered a Techite (Theodore Burns - Class of 1933) into the WWII Memorial's Registry of Remembrances.  This is a free service and anyone - family members or friends, may submit names to the Registry.

The Tech Alumni Website wants you to know about this memorial service.  World War II Veterans are dying at a rate of several hundred daily - survivors are well into their 80's.  Little time is left to show our appreciation to those who survive.  The Registry of Remembrance is a permanent record that will honor their service throughout history. 

This page of the Tech Alumni website will list the names of any Techite who is honored and a link to their registry, if their name and the WWII Memorial website link to their actual listing 
( is typed out in an email and sent to the webmaster.   Without this link, only their name will be listed below.


Techites listed at the Registry of Remembrances
(Click on name(s) to see their Registry)

Martin J. Bradley, Jr.  T'1938

Theodore Estille Burns  T' 1933

Charles Arthur French, Jr.  T'1938
Speed Lightburne French  T' 1939

Wilmer Ray Harrington, Jr.  T' 1943

James 'Jimmy' C. Heard  T'1945

Franklin D. Schroer, Tech Faculty James Ivan "Jim" Sturdivant, T'1940