Memphis Messick High - 1953

Pages 4 - 5 - and 6

BULLOCK, Thomas S. BUFORD, Carolyn L.
BUTLER, Mary Ann CANON, Wilford C.
CARR, Gloria Joy CATE, Diana Jane

CHILES, Carolyn CHILES, Shirley

Page 5

CLARK, Barbara E. CLEMENTS, Sandra G.
COCKRILL, Harriet COLE, Jill Eliz.

CORNELL, Herbert L. COSBY, Billy Wade
Page 6
COX, Sterling R. CROFOOT, Audrey A.
CROSS, Gloriann CROUCH, Shirley R.
DARLING, Margaret E. DAVIS, Donald R.

DAVIS, Patty Sue DAY, Eleanor
Abernathy-Bryant Bullock-Day Dees-Hankins Harris-Kelly, J.
Kelly,S.-Mattis Meador-Puryear Reed-Stephenson Stevens-Young

Thanks to Sue Lee Johnson, Tech 1951, for scanning the photos.


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