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We remember you with much fondness and we thank you for your dedication. 


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  Please Note: There is not an official ROSTER for all the teachers of Tech.  Thus the teachers pictured on these pages have been recommended by classmates.  If you want a favorite teacher's photo added please contact the webmaster.  Be sure and mention the years so we'll be able to find a photo.  We regret that because new photos are added frequently, and are spread over several pages, the teacher's photos cannot be alphabetized.  Click on a photo with a yellow border and the obituary will pop up.


Floyd Weaver

Sallie Williams

Ella Smith

Jessie Hartwell

Willie Harvey


Sylvester Ford

Effie Porter

Dorothy Hopson

Charles Jackson

Brenda Jolly

Dorothy Duvall Barbara Jones John Lynch Martha Davis Charles Cummings


Gwen Smith

Ray Stephens

Willie Shinault

Katie MacDonald

Yvonne Payne


Geo Ensminger

Evelyn Mosley

Helen Thompson

Flossie Ware

Hays Evans


Anna McNicholas

Colleen Ward

Marjorie Stamper

Ruth Campbell

Frances Martin

Thomas Neeley

Vassie Calvin Jones

Sallye Thomas

Frances McGregor

Margaret Jenkins


Suzanne Clardy

Jeanne Morris

Estelle Miller

Curtis Jones

Ruth Butts


Franklin Schroer

Mary Alderson

Leland Marsh

A. H. Sellers

Theresa Walker


Jan Craig

Bill Gibson

Ray Ford

Beverly Anderson

Elouise Anderson






Carol Barber Walter Burnett
Faye Carpenter April Chu
Rickey Collins

H.T. Crim Charles Danley Robert Ditto
Vivian Hooks Ray Fitzgerald

Levi Frazier Clara Grafried Alberta Hardaway Jesse Ivra
Mrs. Beard

Edna Watkins Doris White Charlotte Vanbaren Beverly Utley Juanita Truitt

Johnnie Smith Edward Bousson Eliz. Cocke Albert Flowers Teresa Garner





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