The Rob Jolly Tech Collection

Rob Jolly, Class President, Tech 1970, is THE major collector of Tech Memorabilia.  He has the ONLY complete collection of Yearbooks going back to 1922.  His collection includes Tech newspapers, numerous articles, historic photos, and "anything related to Tech" going back to 1878.  Rob, who lives in Germantown, has a great love for our school and graciously volunteered to lend us his Yearbook collection when this website began.  Our Alumni website would not have been possible without his contributions.  Thank you Rob. 


Rob asks all Techites to remember his Tech Collection whenever they come across their old Tech Memorabilia.  He would love to add your memorabilia to his collection - that is, ANYTHING related to Tech.    Email:  


Marie and Rob Jolly - 2006

Rob often sets up Exhibits at Reunions.


Some of Rob's Tech memorabilia

More of Rob's memorabilia



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Aerial View of Tech

Bill of Sale

1947 Football Team

Rob Jolly Homeroom 1970




  Mike Abt 1923

 Lula Cullen 1923

Ruth Stanfield 1923

Effie Wright 1926

  Highsaw Obit     





           1926 Faculty

Basketball 1929

  Senior's Page 1922

 ROTC Page

Officers - Sponsors 1937        







       Ukelele Club 1927

Cheerleaders 1936

Cheerleaders 1923

Maid of Memphis

1937 Minstrel Show





         War Bonds Committee 1943

Service Flag - 1943

1937 ROTC Officers

1928 Beauty Queens





  Campbell 1933

Esslinger 1933

  Gavin 1933

Mike Abt 1933

 Highsaw Car

       Saunders Ad





           Peabody Ad

Curtis Person

 Pantages Ad

Tech Queens 1927  





WW2 Review

1947 football book

Quarterly Review

Tech with Blue Doors





Faculty 1925

Faculty 1932


Faculty 1926

Tech Orchestra 1932


                  Top Students 1968

Crockett Tech High

                Top Ten Dance Party 1962


1926 "conditions" at Crockett Tech

1950:  Mike Abt Resigns

            Watercolor by Tommy Johnson 1969



             Principal Bourne runs for Office    

PS.  He lost!

Mr. Highsaw at Central 1917




1952 article "Tech falls Short"   1929 article "Tech Suspended"









This Newspaper was published daily and sold to students for 5 cents






More will be added later...