Original Faculty
Crockett Technical School - 1922


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The earliest known Tech Yearbook (1922) contains a roster of the teachers of Crockett Technical High School and a group photo.  Individual photos for them were found in the 1923 yearbook.  Chances are that the majority of them had been at Tech for some time because there was no pension plan or unions for teachers during this period, so they generally began at a school and remained there until they retired. 


Links to other "Honored Teachers of Tech" will be found at the bottom of this page.

J. L. Highsaw

Alice O'Donnell

Mike Abt

Moore Alexander

Aline Ash


Margaret Bilbow

A. M. Boyd Evelyn Browne Mary Butler

Lula P. Cullen


Ella Gill Lulu Griggs

H. M. Harton

Orlena Haynie Mrs. C.J. Jordan


Stella Marsh Dorothea Mathes Miriam McCrary J. B. Parker M. B. Parker


Julia Sowell E. H. Smith E. B. Spence Ruth Stanfield Effie Wright


Tech had a full program in the evening.   Below are some of the original evening teachers.  To supplement their low teacher's salary, most of the day teachers also taught evening classes.



J. D. Browne Clifford Davis A. L. Ferguson John Harris Eliz Haszinger







Fred Lucas S. F. Liles








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