3-D Memorabilia ...in the Rob Jolly and Dave French Collections


Rob Jolly's collection includes everything related to Tech, including 3-D Memorabilia.  He has picked up a lot of the items at auction and Techites have been good enough to donate additional items. 

Dave French has only recently begun to collect Tech and Memphis Memorabilia and has already picked up some very rare and unique items.


Click on small photos below to see large photos
1931 Tech Ring 1931 Tech Ring 1931 Tech Ring

1931 Ring Donated
by Evelyn Johnson

Souvenir Vase - 2.75"

Detail "the Castle" Bottom of Vase Belt Buckle -  1.25"
Chas. French T'38

1935 Tech Ring 1935 Tech Ring 1935 Tech Ring 1935 Tech Ring

Memphis HS Pin
- Circa 1898
Memphis HS Pin
- Back
Memphis HS Pin
Size - 5/8 " Diameter

1969 Tech Letter (Mgr)

1968 Tech Track Jacket '52 Walter Robbins Sweater Jacket Jersey

c. 1960s Tech Gym Shorts Baseball



...To be continued


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